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It’s a competitive world out there, in ways unimaginable only a short while ago! How can you maximize your presence? Keep pace? Grow your business? We know where you’re coming from. With our background in business development, marketing and communications we can help develop your strategy and pull it all together! Barbara Vaughan is a marketing professional with 40 years experience helping large and small companies develop successful sales, business planning and marketing programs. She has created and managed national partnerships with Bell, CGI, Microsoft, HP and Cisco Systems. Barbara has passion and energy and a commitment to getting things done!

After almost 25 years in business TaskForce Engineering Inc. embarked on our first strategic planning exercise with the professional guidance of the Vaughan Group and in particular Barbara Vaughan.  Barbara came to us a highly recommended subject matter expert and the billing was found to be more than accurate.  In fact, Barbara was nothing short of a perfect fit for our company and our partnership group as she carefully guided us through the strategic planning process to fruition.  Her expert knowledge base, high level of experience and excellent people skills allowed us to revamp many of our processes and change the overall culture of our company for the better.


If your company or organization is looking for a first in class consultant to walk you through the overwhelming task of a strategic plan, Barbara and the Vaughan Group are a highly recommended all encompassing solution.


David W. Brown, P.Eng.,BDS,C.E.T.,IntPE

Senior Managing Partner

TaskForce Engineering Inc.

What People Say About Working with Barbara...

Peter and Celia Sage – Sage Design & Construction

"We were so busy doing business it was hard to get around to business development planning, marketing strategy, etc. It was such a relief to get Vaughan Group involved in the process. Barbara and Daniel guided us through the decisions and follow-up and lit a fire under us (in the nicest possible way)
to get the job done. They are not only very effective professionals, but tuned
in to small business needs; and fun to work with!"

Ryan Williams – former Chairman, Bay of Quinte Tourism

"We are very pleased with the leadership and professionalism shown by Barbara Vaughan of Vaughan Group in conducting our strategic sessions for the Bay of Quinte Tourist Council. Barbara initiated just the right blend of insightfulness and structure to ensure that all members were engaged, and that the proper discussion and collaboration took place to ensure that our strategies could be set forth by the end of our session."

Bill Saunders - former Chief Executive Officer, Belleville Chamber of Commerce

“Barbara responded magnificently to our business planning challenges. Her ability to adapt the process, including the necessary pre-work and to fit our constraints bears special mention. We ended up with the necessary working documents that have allowed us to agree and focus on our major initiatives going forward and formed the basis of our budget assumptions. Thanks for your efforts and great work!  I would gladly recommend your services to other organizations.”

Linda Seeley, Executive Director, COSP

Community Organized Support and Prevention (COSP) embarked on a journey with Vaughan Group to develop a Strategic Plan. Barbara Vaughan engaged with all staff, management, and Board of Directors; challenging us to explore, discover, redefine, and ultimately commit to a 3-year Strategic Plan. She kept us on a tight schedule to prevent any deviation from the goal. Without Barbara’s experience and guidance throughout the process, we would still be ‘caught in the weeds’. Opportunities to expand services, consider new initiative, and engage with our partners and stakeholders are a direct result of this investment. Vaughan Group was instrumental in COSP achieving that goal. Thank you.

Karen Poste, ESI-Manager, Corporation of The City of Belleville

"The City of Belleville has worked with Barbara Vaughan and Vaughan group to facilitate several strategic planning sessions and Barbara managed to keep the many diverse opinions, backgrounds and priorities in line and on task to ensure all viewpoints were heard and documented.  She has helped to focus all efforts on priority actions and has been instrumental in documenting plans that have achieved the buy-in of all partners around the table. Her strengths lie in ensuring everyone stays on task and everyone is heard while accurately documenting the important information.


I would recommend Vaughan Group to any organization looking to develop the best, most comprehensive strategic plan possible."

Business Planning

Let us help you build a business plan to determine what your strengths and gaps are; identify and target new customers and markets; develop the right blueprint to roll it all out... we’re great at facilitating all this stuff!

Marketing Programs

We have been doing this for years! We can support your company
in developing compelling go-to-market and competitive positioning plans to launch, extend or accelerate your business... we have creative ideas!

Communications Programs

We can create and implement a communications plan to effectively position your products or services in the marketplace. To support the initiative, we can oversee the development of all branding, graphic design, website, presentations or social marketing needed... in a one-stop-shop environment!

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