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OK, we can’t guarantee you’ll be a rock star, but we’ll teach you how to play some of that

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A leading recording magazine recently noted that there are only three major full-sized traditional recording studios left in New York City.
The dozens of others that existed even a decade ago have closed up shop. Why? Because they’ve been replaced; by bedroom studios,
lofts and practically any space that will accommodate musicians, a few relatively inexpensive mics, preamps and the ubiquitous computer.


However, the skills needed to use the equipment, and the time needed to do the job properly hasn’t been made irrelevant.
It’s become... your headache!


You have a lot of hats to wear: composer, engineer, arranger, producer, mixer, musician. You need to know computers, recording software, plug-ins and keeping the whole thing running smoothly. You gotta have good mic positioning, gain stages, signal routing...


...and a good pair of ears.

Also, there’s the marketing and website design, photography, registering music and tending to the music business in general.
You’re competing with the whole world now – online; so if you’re not comfortable with any of these disciplines, get help.
And that’s where we come in.


We don’t have an equipment list; we’ve got what it takes to get the job done, including both digital and analogue goodness,
and we also will offer production advice, arranging and good musicians if needed. Coming soon, a first floor drum room complete with upright piano and a very cool way for you to play and record on a lovely-sounding Yamaha C7 Grand Piano using only your midi files.


If you’re looking for a reasonably-priced studio in the Prince Edward County area to get your album, demo, or song-writing done,
send us an email, give us a ring. We have a lovely setting right on the water, just waiting for you. or for details

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